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New Designs for Collages and Press Products!

RTC PhotoWork Child Collage

 I have been working long and hard designing lately!  I have plans to start selling templates for photographers outside of the DFW area, but you all get the spoils of my hard work ahead of time.

 New collage layouts, backgrounds, announcements galore!  (What do you think of the collage up there?  Just imagine your lovie in there…I know you want one!)  I’m so excited to have these elements ready to go, whether you want a canvas wrap, collage wall print, or an awesome book to show off your photos.  I am so proud to offer you work that is 100% hand-designed by me, rather than bought or downloaded.  I can’t wait to start using these designs for you guys!

 I’m still working on holiday cards, but we’ve got a little time for that.  Speaking of holiday cards, now is the time to schedule your session without the worry and rush of last minute sessions and proofing before you need to get your cards in the mail!

 Announcement coming Monday about some changes I’m making in how I handle sessions.  A lot of you should have no excuse at all not to have a session.  ;)

 Until next time, have a great weekend!  (And let me know when you would like to book your shoot!)

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