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RTC PhotoWork: Halloween Mini Sessions

RTC PhotoWork Halloween 2011 Mini Session Child Photo  Who doesn’t like dressing up for Halloween?  Halloween mini sessions will be held on Saturday, October 22 at the South Lake Town Square.  Children, adults, teens…  (Just remember to keep those costumes daytime-TV friendly!)

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RTC PhotoWork: Meghan’s Fort Worth Maternity & Origins Day After Sneak Peek

  I heard from Meghan about 2 weeks ago.  She had been working with the photographer from her wedding when she stopped getting a response back.  After a fair wait and follow-up, she called me and contacted me through my blog.  She was literally due any day at that point.  I know I push 30-34 weeks for a maternity session, but I couldn’t let this sweet, first-time mom go without having maternity photos when she really wanted them!

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RTC PhotoWork: Holiday Card Mini Sessions

  It’s that time of year again!  Can you believe it?  It’s time to get ready for the holidays!  To avoid a mad rush to get photos created for holiday cards at the end of the holiday season, I have designed a perfect opportunity to quickly and easily get those holiday cards early!

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RTC PhotoWork: Review of Lesa Snider Photoshop Webinar Plus Photoshop Tips Part 1

Creative Live Photoshop Course with Lesa Snider  A Texan!  Yes, a Texan was teaching the 4-day Photoshop intensive on creativeLIVE September 20-23, and her name is Lesa Snider.  And you know what?  Talk about a comprehensive knowledge of Photoshop!  It probably doesn’t hurt that her reputation as an author of Photoshop books gets her an in on using the program before it goes to market…She taught a class that was great for beginners and intermediate users of Photoshop.

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