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RTC PhotoWork: 8th Day of Christmas—Our Tree

  Less than a week until Christmas, are you ready?  (We’re not!)  So, on the Eighth Day or Christmas brings to you our Christmas tree.  The Christmas tree with all the lights is one of my favorite things about Christmas, even though ours is only a 4-footer.  I’ve had it for the last 4 or so years, and there have been years where all I needed was to look into the corner of the room, see it lit up, and I felt good.  (It was like a warm, fuzzy, happy sign of independence or something.)  I plan to have a full size tree next year, but this one will have a home somewhere still.

RTC PhotoWork Fort Worth Newborn Photographer Christmas Tree

RTC PhotoWork Fort Worth Newborn Photographer Christmas Tree Bokeh

(What was the luck that every shot I took except the out-of-focus bokeh shot, that top-middle section blinked off!)

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RTC PhotoWork: Seventh Day of Christmas—Your Christmas Trees

  On the Seventh Day of Christmas, I bring to you…your Christmas trees!  Thanks to those of you who shared photos of your decorations!

  First, a photo from my Uncle Joe (whose tree I am supremely jealous of):

RTC PhotoWork Fort Worth Newborn Photographer Christmas Tree

  Next are a few of (Studio Trainer) Kate’s tree (Cool black and white closeup, huh?):

RTC PhotoWork Studio Trainer Kate Christmas Tree

(I can’t imagine how long that tree took to decorate!  PS-You can find her blog here and her Facebook here if you are a photographer needing business or marketing help.)

RTC PhotoWork Studio Trainer Kate Christmas Tree

  Last, we have Meghan and Greg's tree along with a few ornaments that are special to them:

RTC PhotoWork Fort Worth Newborn Photographer Meghan Greg Christmas Tree

 This one is special.  It is an ornament Meghan gave Greg on their first Christmas together 10 years ago!

RTC PhotoWork Fort Worth Newborn Photographer Meghan Greg Christmas Tree

  As if the 10th Christmas together isn’t special enough, it’s also their new daughter, Vivianna's first Christmas.  Here is her official first Christmas ornament they got at Disney before she was born!

RTC PhotoWork Fort Worth Newborn Photographer Meghan Greg Vivianna First Christmas Ornament

  Again, thank you for sharing a little piece of your lives with us!  My tree and a few other fun decoration photos will be up tomorrow.  Can you believe we’re a week away from Christmas?!?

  Make sure to follow RTC PhotoWork on Facebook for some Facebook-only Days of Christmas, and check out the Third Day of Christmas for a fun game to play with the family!  Fifth Day was a cute Christmas printable.  Don’t forget to email me photos of your Christmas tree and other holiday decorations!  I will add more photos to this post or post a whole new post if I receive more.

    If you or someone you know is expecting and is interested, contact me using the contact form or send me an email.  The first weeks are so important!  For more information on when to have a newborn session, read this blog post.  Through the end of the January, anyone who refers a newborn client to me will receive double the referral points to put toward a complimentary session or products!  The client you refer will get $50 off the newborn session as well!

  Oh yeah!  All photos and written content on RTC PhotoWork blog are copyright to RTC PhotoWork.  None of these photos are to be printed or posted anywhere, whether in part or in whole, unless given the express permission of RTC PhotoWork.  Please contact me at t.jcurry@yahoo.com for permission if you would like to repost any images or content. 

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RTC PhotoWork: Fifth Day of Christmas—Printables

  Less than 2 weeks until Christmas, can you believe it?  That means less than 3 weeks until New Years!  Dang!  Today is for those of you who, like me, have just started decorating for the holidays.  A free Christmas printable!  Just click on the images below, and your computer will download full resolution image files ready to print and frame as you like!

8x10 version

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