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RTC PhotoWork: 8th Day of Christmas—Our Tree

  Less than a week until Christmas, are you ready?  (We’re not!)  So, on the Eighth Day or Christmas brings to you our Christmas tree.  The Christmas tree with all the lights is one of my favorite things about Christmas, even though ours is only a 4-footer.  I’ve had it for the last 4 or so years, and there have been years where all I needed was to look into the corner of the room, see it lit up, and I felt good.  (It was like a warm, fuzzy, happy sign of independence or something.)  I plan to have a full size tree next year, but this one will have a home somewhere still.

RTC PhotoWork Fort Worth Newborn Photographer Christmas Tree

RTC PhotoWork Fort Worth Newborn Photographer Christmas Tree Bokeh

(What was the luck that every shot I took except the out-of-focus bokeh shot, that top-middle section blinked off!)

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