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RTC PhotoWork: Vivianna’s 6 Month Origins Session in Keller

  It is going to be hard to decide which images from each session to pick for Vivianna’s Origins:  First Year storyboard in a few months.  Each time we use Meghan’s vintage baby scale, it’s so different!  If you missed it, go check out her 3 month session to see how much she grew from that session to this one.  This time, we took the session outside to a park in Keller near their home.  The weather was perfect in April, and we knew we wouldn’t have a chance to get outside again until her 1 year session, so this was a nice change outdoors.

RTC PhotoWork:  Vivi Keller Fort Worth 6 Months Origins Baby Photographer Vintage Baby Scale

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RTC PhotoWork: Vivianna’s 6 Month Origins Session Sneak Peek

  I wasn’t kidding when I posted the second half of Vivianna’s Newborn Origins Session earlier this week that it’s been a while since we had that session.  We’re actually already planning her 9 month session, even though it’s about 2 months away.  For now, though, a sneak peek of her 6 month session!

  Do you recognize the scale from her 3 Month Origins Session?  It’s going to be so fun at when Vivi has had her first birthday session and we can compare the 3-12 Month Sessions because we’re going to use the family scale in each session!  (Disclaimer:  Meghan actually had a hand on the side of the scale to make sure we were safe in getting this photo.  It is always important to hire a photographer who knows how to use Photoshop or has a Photoshop editor to edit out things like hands in to ensure the safety of babies and children in sessions.)

  If you or someone you know is expecting and is interested in maternity or newborn photography, contact me using the contact form or send me an email.  The first weeks are so important!  For more information on when to have a newborn session, read this blog post.  I also have a first year collection which starts at 3 months in case you’ve missed the window for newborn photos!

  Oh yeah!  All photos and written content on RTC PhotoWork blog are copyright to RTC PhotoWork.  None of these photos are to be printed or posted anywhere, whether in part or in whole, unless given the express permission of RTC PhotoWork.  Please contact me at Tamara@RTCPhotoWork.com for permission if you would like to repost any images or content. 

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