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  Hear from one of my first Origins: Breastfeeding clients, Shannon, had to say on having photos created to document this huge part of her relationship with Jackson.

 Let me add: It has been beyond an honor to create breastfeeding photography for the families I have worked with so far. For me, it’s seeing into such a personal part of these women that few people see, and it has been incredible to be trusted into their space to tell their stories in this way.

  Celebrate what defines you.

  Don’t forget if you or someone you know is expecting and is in her 3rd trimester!  I am hosting maternity mini sessions this fall.  I have opened them up to nursing moms who would like to try out the RTC PhotoWork experience as well!  Limited sessions, so go here for more information or just call (682.553.3644) or email me ASAP!

 If you or someone you know is breastfeeding and interested in a nursing photography session, contact me using the contact form or send me an email.  Don’t worry about your child’s age or if you want to keep your images private!  I don’t discriminate against full-term or tandem breastfeeding, and I only share images I have permission to share.  Also, I am currently offering a discount on these nursing sessions to those who pay the session reservation fee before October 10.  Contact me ASAP for details!

  If you would like to get on the email list to find out about other mini sessions and other specials throughout the year before the public, sign up here.  I know how crowded inboxes get with notifications of everything, so don’t be afraid of having constant emails from me—I won’t let that happen.

  Oh yeah!  All photos and written content on RTC PhotoWork blog are copyright to RTC PhotoWork.  None of these photos are to be printed or posted anywhere, whether in part or in whole, unless given the express permission of RTC PhotoWork.  Please contact me at Tamara@RTCPhotoWork.com for permission if you would like to repost any images or content. 

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RTC PhotoWork: Vivianna’s 6 Month Origins Session in Keller

  It is going to be hard to decide which images from each session to pick for Vivianna’s Origins:  First Year storyboard in a few months.  Each time we use Meghan’s vintage baby scale, it’s so different!  If you missed it, go check out her 3 month session to see how much she grew from that session to this one.  This time, we took the session outside to a park in Keller near their home.  The weather was perfect in April, and we knew we wouldn’t have a chance to get outside again until her 1 year session, so this was a nice change outdoors.

RTC PhotoWork:  Vivi Keller Fort Worth 6 Months Origins Baby Photographer Vintage Baby Scale

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