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RTC PhotoWork: Ollie Newborn Origins Photos in Haltom City

  Ollie is 4 weeks today!  I can’t believe it!  This guy was a champ once we got him to sleep at his newborn session!

RTC PhotoWork Haltom City Ollie Newborn Origins

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RTC PhotoWork: Review of Lesa Snider Photoshop Webinar Plus Photoshop Tips Part 1

Creative Live Photoshop Course with Lesa Snider  A Texan!  Yes, a Texan was teaching the 4-day Photoshop intensive on creativeLIVE September 20-23, and her name is Lesa Snider.  And you know what?  Talk about a comprehensive knowledge of Photoshop!  It probably doesn’t hurt that her reputation as an author of Photoshop books gets her an in on using the program before it goes to market…She taught a class that was great for beginners and intermediate users of Photoshop.

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RTC PhotoWork: Review of Doug Landreth Photoshop Webinar Plus Photoshop Tips

Creative Live Photoshop Course with Doug Landreth 

  Wow, what a talent!  Where should I begin?  First, check out Doug Landreth’s website to see who led CreativeLive.com's latest webinar.  I don't often find myself all that impressed with most of the Photoshop work people are doing lately, especially work with textures on photographs.  It's often predictable, cheesy, and too quickly layered to really say something and be art.  Such descriptions can not fit the work of this artist. (I was so impressed that I did sign up for his email newsletter.)

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Fix-It Friday: Faking HDR

Today’s edit rundown is great action shot of a high school senior (Can’t you just see the skateboard that should be under his feet?!?), shot by Angie Arthur Photography and is used with permission given to IHeartFaces.com and its members.  This week’s edit is an experiment in creating the HDR (high dynamic range) look with a single shot.  (For more information on HDR Photography, go here.)

Here is my final, edited image:

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Fix-It Friday: Retouching Without Losing Those Freckles

Happy Friday!  Today’s edit rundown is of a beautiful, freckled little girl photographed by Rachel Durik and is used with permission given to IHeartFaces.com and its members.  On top of my usual goals of editing, (color/exposure correction, sharpening, retouching out all distractions) it was my goal to emphasize her freckles as I simultaneously retouched her skin.

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