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RTC PhotoWork: The Name

   RTC PhotoWork, RTC PhotoWorks, RTC Photography, RTC Photo…Which is it?  Where did the name come from?  Why not Tamara Curry Photography?

RTC PhotoWork Tristan 3 Week Newborn Fort Worth Photo Session   For the record, it is RTC PhotoWork (no “s”).  It comes from an old AIM (AOL Instant Messenger for those of you too young to know of it) screen name I had.  If you read “RTC” out loud kind of phonetically, you read “artsy.”  I love art and have a strict definition, so I didn’t dare call myself artistic back in the day.  Instead, being artistically inclined, I defined myself as “artsy.”  Some time later I talked with a friend of how I would love to open an art gallery, and when I searched for a name for that dream, I came back to “RTC.”  Except I liked it read letter by letter.

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