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RTC PhotoWork: Wedding Guestbook

 Today, I share with you something different.  Different from the traditional way to show off your engagement photos.  We’re not talking about a wall print, a basic guestbook with a couple of prints in it.  We’re not talking about a print with matting for people to sign. 

 This is a guestbook designed around your engagement photos, so your photos are not the after thought. 

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RTC PhotoWork: Taking Maternity Leave

  Today marks the beginning of a new phase for me.  I have officially begun my maternity leave.  We have a few odds and ends to get taken care of around the homestead before the baby’s here.  AAAAAAaaaaahhh!!  Okay, minor freak-out over…for now.  (No, I’m not getting nervous at all!)

  Since we are due anytime between March 3 and 9, I will not be booking or shooting any new sessions to take place between now and May 15.  (This period of no-shooting may last longer, but it does depend on how everything goes.  I don’t know entirely how to plan since this is our first baby.)  Sessions which have already been in the planning stage will go on as planned.  I will be available to design products and prepare photos from previous sessions for printing.  Just make sure to give me a 2 week lead time before regular print orders need to be delivered and at least 5 week lead time on designer press products (unless you are willing to forgo proofing designs before printing; this will shave off a week and a half to 2 weeks).

  As I am going to be shooting our son’s newborn photos (and probably my sister’s new babe who is on the way as I type), I will have a small window in early March where I will be willing to shoot a few sessions.  I will let everyone know as soon as I know when I will be doing that.  I can’t wait to share those photos with you all!

  Also, in the 3 months I am off I will continue to take consultations for future sessions and weddings.  I will also continue to post Photoshop tutorials, design templates, wedding tips, and session ideas.  Keep an eye out, too, for specials I may have for when I resume sessions!

  Feel free to let me know things you would like to see and hear about over the next few months.  And, as always, if you know anyone who will be in need of photos send me an email at t.jcurry@yahoo.com and tell them to “like” RTC PhotoWork on Facebook.  I have an awesome referral program that rewards you as well as those who you send my way.

  If there are any changes to plans, I will post it here, on Facebook, and on Twitter to let you all know as soon as I can…so keep in touch!

  By the way, happy Valentine’s Day!

  Oh yeah!  All photos and written content on RTC PhotoWork blog are copyright to RTC PhotoWork.  None of these photos are to be printed or posted anywhere, whether in part or in whole, unless given the express permission of RTC PhotoWork.  Please contact me at t.jcurry@yahoo.com for permission if you would like to repost any images or content. 

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Wedding Wednesday: Featuring BravoBride.com

BravoBride.com Logo

  This week, I am SO happy to feature an interview with BravoBride.com founder, Susan Shapiro!  Promise me something…You will hop over to BravoBride.com after reading this.  It will save your budget on items you know you need to buy, and it gives you a place to unload all those gently used decorations that you will pack away after your big day!  Without further ado…

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Wedding Wednesday: What’s in your “Day Of” bag?

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So, your wedding is coming up, and you’re already stressed worrying about what might go wrong (It’ll be okay!  Just breathe!)…or your sister/daughter/cousin/best friend’s wedding is coming up, and you want to keep the day about the nuptials and all the special moments for the bride and groom.  What are some little things you can do to help keep stress at bay and handle all the little disasters?

Well, one thing you can do is have a “Day Of” bag (separate from all your normal getting-ready items), an emergency kit so to speak.  Here are a few things you can have handy in that bag for those little just-in-cases:

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