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RTC PhotoWork: 6 Posing Ideas for Flattering Photos

  Do you ever wonder why professional photos make you look so good?  It’s easy to assume we are Photoshopping the heck out of you after the session.  While I am happy to refine your photos with editing, you looking so great comes down to a few other (more important things) before I even hit the shutter:  I find the best light to mold around you, and even more importantly I help you into poses which accentuate your best assets.

  A lot of these posing principles can even be applied to your personal snapshots!

RTC PhotoWork Fort Worth Beauty Photographer Fort Worth Stockyards1. Turn shoulders and hips to an angle, never flat to the camera.

When you’re square to the camera, you are the broadest you can possibly be.  By turning your shoulders and hips at an angle (between 45 degrees away from the camera and completely perpendicular to the camera), you are thinning your shape as well as creating a more visually interesting shape.  One note, if you turn your hips completely perpendicular to the camera (where the camera can only see the side of one hip), turn your shoulders a little back to the camera (but still not flat to the camera).

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RTC PhotoWork: Crystal’s Fort Worth Stockyards Beauty Session

  You’ve seen sneak peeks here and there from Crystal’s Beauty Session at the Fort Worth Stockyards since she has become the unofficial face of RTC PhotoWork Beauty Sessions…Perhaps, this photo looks familiar?

RTC PhotoWork: Crystal Fort Worth Stockyards Beauty Photographer

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RTC PhotoWork: And the Winner Is….

  After a week and a half of voting, did your favorite woman win?

  A quick recap of what the winner has won:

  • A Full (2-3 hour) Beauty Session by RTC PhotoWork in Fort Worth complete with professional hair and makeup for the session
  • An accordion book of images from her Beauty Session
  • 5 Social Media files to put on all her online profiles
  • A few special surprises to be received at her Beauty Session

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